Powerbox DPC Lighting Controller


Powerbox DPC-4000-240 Volt -4P
Powerbox DPC-7500-240 Volt -4P
Powerbox DPC-7500-COMBO-4P
Powerbox DPC-7500-120 Volt -4P
Powerbox DPC-8000-240 Volt -4P
Powerbox DPC-12000-50A-4P (Plug & Play)
Powerbox DPC-12000-60A-4HW (Hardwire)
Powerbox DPC-12000-D-60A-4HW



When you need the best lighting controller for your garden at the best price, look no further. Each make and model is designed for the budget conscious growers who wont sacrifice on quality, these lighting controllers are safe and reliable solutions.

Whether you are running one light, or 100 lights, be safe! H.I.D lights consume tons of power, so building the proper electrical foundation is essential. By choosing a Powerbox lighting controller, you eliminate many of the risks associated with running your operation.

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