Agrowtek AgrowDose Quad Dosing Pump 46 ml/min


Agrowtek AgrowDose Quad Dosing Pump AD4-50

Simply place the suction end of each pump tube into any size nutrient or pH stock tank (may be located above or below the pump) and route the outlet of the pump to your reservior, mixing tank or even pressurized lines up to 30psi!

Serviceable pump head offers fast, easy maintenance when tubing wears out.

  • Flow Rate: 50mL/min per pump
  • Power: 15Vdc/120VAC wall adapter
  • Powder coated sheet metal enclosure
  • Tubing adapters and power supply included.

$720.00 $799.00

Agrowtek’s “Quad” dosing pump offers four independent heavy-duty dosing pumps in one economical, easy to install package.

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