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Starting With The Right Equipment

At Hydroselect You Can Shop For Discount Grow Equipment, Hydroponic Systems, Plant Nutrients & Everything For Your Indoor & Outdoor Gardening Needs.

Gardening hydroponically is the best way to get maximum yields. Whether you choose a drip system, flood and drain, NFT or nutrient film technique, aeroponic garden, deep water culture, or aquaponics you will need to start with the right equipment.

We Are Here To Help

With all the conflicting information available online. not only sells the equipment but we work hard by educating you on the gear. One of the best ways is we can bridge the gap between you and the manufacturer is by asking them questions. We are committed to creating videos every two days so you stay on the cutting edge. We are a retail store with relationships with all the major manufacturers so we are confident we can help. No matter the level of grower we carry the equipment suitable for your application and level of expertise. Not sure where to begin? Start with the video series from Author of The Grower’s Handbook, Factors That Maximize Yields. Although this was made as a general overview of hydroponic gardening it has something to offer all levels of gardening getting back to the foundation of all successful gardens starting with genetics, moving in to choosing the correct systems and set up, lighting in the garden, finishing with nutrients and additives.

Hydroponic System Deals

We are committed to providing you with the best possible experience as a customer, which is why we offer LED grow lights, Plant Nutrients, ballasts and everything you would need to grow on sale. Explore our weekly deals on indoor or outdoor gardening supplies at affordable prices. Sign up for our video series and take advantage of exclusive specials, deals and newly added products that will show up in your inbox! Finding the perfect hydroponic set up for your garden and on your budget is easy at

Equipment For Commercial Growing

Order in bulk and SAVE. Looking to buy a large volume at once and want a discount? This is especially common with large commercial grows and we can accommodate. Call us today 1(844) 493-7677 and get a custom quote.

We Only Carry The Top Brands

Browse through thousands of products hydroselect carries grow lights, hydroponic equipment, nutrients and accessories from all the leading names in the industry. All the brands you know, love, and trust as well as new and exciting brands. Expect to see brands like Adjust-A-Wings, AgroLED, Agrowtek, AirKing, American Agriculture, American Hydro, BioBizz, BioSafe, Black Ops, BlueLab, Botanicare, Danner, Doktor Doom, Dutchmaster, EasyGro, Hortilux, Flame Defender, Fox Farm, Gavita Holland, General Hydroponics, Gold Label, Green Planet Nutrients, Grodan, Grotek, Grozone Controls, Guano Company. HM Digital, Humboldt Nutrients, Hydro-Logic, Hyper Fan, Little Giant, Kind LED, Mondi, Nectar For The Gods, NPK Industries, Nutrilife, Method Seven, PowerBox, RootBuilder, Royal Gold, RX Green Solutions, Smart Pot, Sun Blaster, SuperThrive, TechnaFlora, Terpinator, Titan Controls, TNB Naturals, Twister, Uvonair, Vermicrop Organics, Vortex, Zip-Zag.Blaster, SuperThrive, TechnaFlora, Terpinator, Titan Controls, TNB Naturals, Twister, Uvonair, Vermicrop Organics, Vortex, Zip-Zag.

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